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The library came to existence with the establishment of the college. Going through gradual development our library is fully developed, fully computerized today. There are 5380 valuable books in the library besides some 23 Magazines and 11 Daily News Papers, Published in Marathi, Hindi and English language.




Service System : A special counter has been provided for the issue and return of the books.

Issue of the books : On demand of particular book/s by the student they are issued books against BT cards.

Return of books : The books must be returned to the library on the date mentioned in the due date section of the cards. The students who do not return the books on due date are fined as per the rule. Due date can be extended on the availability of multiple copies of the books.

Reference Service : We have plenty of reference books on all the subjects. Teachers as well as students can avail reference books in the reading room on demand. Besides our library is enriched with different Encyclopedias, dictionaries, books on literary theories, new literary criticism, and many rare and valuable books.

Reading Room : The library has its reading rooms for the students and for the staff, 50 to 60 students can sit in the reading room at a time. Daily newspapers, magazines, reference books and other readable books are kept open in reading room during the library time.

Periodical and research journals : The library subscribes to 15 periodical and 5 research journals which are kept open for the staff and the students as well.

Cash deposit scheme : It has been the rule of the college that the students have to return the books issue to them within the specified time. As no books are issued to the students after final clearance they find it difficult particularly during the time of examination. For such students the library has Cash Deposit Scheme facility. Under this scheme library issues books to students for the examination periods after the price is deposited with the library. The price is returned to the student after taking back the books from them.

Inter-Library borrowing facility: Under this facilities the books not available in the college library are borrowed from the link library for the readers. The readers attached to the library can take the advantage of this facility.

Books to alumni : Under this facilities the alumni of the college may apply for the books with the permission of the Principal of the college. He/She can use the books issued to him/her.




Exhibition if Books :

The library organizes Book Exhibition in the month of January, in the exhibition many books as well as reference books, encyclopedia, dictionaries and many rare and valuable books are exhibited. The exhibition is kept open for all the students of the college, alumni, parents and all other visitors.

Social Features :

Great variety of books on all subjects including computer science, sports & competitive exams.

National and Regional Journals and Magazines in large numbers.


Reference books and research synopses

Learning Resources available in the library : Text books, Reference books, Daily News Papers in Marathi, Hindi and English, General Knowledge Magazines, Other Magazines, Employment Guidance Bulletins, Encyclopedias, University News, Dictionaries, Atlas, Gazetteers, Research Journals, Research Synopses, Internet facility, etc.




Computer Laboratory - The College has developed well-furnished computer laboratory, equipped with 11 machines with the latest configuration, Internet and Printer. Students of Information Technology, Faculty and other students can avail the facility of computer lab for surfing INTERNET and downloading necessary information by using high speed Internet Broad band connections. The lab has been enriched with Overhead Projector.

Geography Laboratory - The college has well equipped Geography Laboratory for the students of Geography.

Home – Economics Laboratory - The college has well equipped Home-Economics Laboratory for the students of the subject.

Gymnasium – The college has its Gymnasium equipped with certain instruments (Machines). The gymnasium is kept open during the college time. Regular Students, faculty and alumni are allowed the admittance for exercise. The facility of indoor games like Chess, Carom is also made available in one of the corners of the gymnasium.

Canteen - The institution has provided a space for canteen which is well furnished and equipped with a well stocked kitchen and serving area. The canteen is operated by a contractor who provides the students and the staff with a variety of nutritious drinks and eatables.